We believe that wealth is defined by much more than money; it’s the values we instill in our children and the legacy we leave behind. True wealth – your human, family and financial capital – deserves preservation, care and planning not just for today, but for future generations. Our Family Office is Canada’s first truly integrated multi-family office where affluent families protect and grow their wealth while preserving their legacy for the future.

Wealth Beyond Measure


Our Holistic Process Focuses on Your Wealth, Much of Which is Beyond Measure:

Spiritual Capital (Your Values)
Financial Capital (Financial Resources)
Human Capital (Individual Family Members)
Family Capital (Family Relationships)
Social Capital (Charity & Community)
Structural Capital (Governance & Administration)

A Clearer Picture

Canada’s ultra-high net worth market is on the cusp of a massive intergenerational wealth transfer, and the need for comprehensive services is more critical than ever. Yet the options available today are a patchwork of products and services built with a one-size-fits-all approach. Without an integrated solution that better captures their needs in a holistic and authentic way, these individuals and families are left underserved and underrepresented.



Our Family Office’s senior level people have over 100 years of experience in Canada serving affluent individuals and families. Our Family Office was created by Neil Nisker and Tim Cestnick, two well-known and highly regarded fixtures on the Canadian investment management and personal finance landscape. Dr. Julie Morton, with two decades of experience consulting and coaching, has joined Our Family Office as Chief Continuity Officer. David Tasker has joined as Chief Operating Officer with over 30 years of senior-level experience in the operations of several financial service firms, including a large bank. Applying their deep knowledge and extensive experience, Neil, Tim, Julie and David are ideally positioned to guide Our Family Office to success. From their impeccable reputations to their strategic philanthropy experience and long-standing relationships with affluent families and private foundations, Our Family Office is well-poised to change how affluent families are served.