What We Do


We offer a broad spectrum of advice and services, which fall into six categories:

Family Continuity

We focus on empowering families to live happier, more productive lives through effective communication, education and building and maintaining trusting relationships.


Investment Management

We provide tax-efficient preservation and growth of your investment assets, utilizing best-in-class strategies, strategic asset allocation, rigorous due diligence on managers and their selection, and impact investing.


Integrated Planning

We provide optimal structuring of your assets and liabilities, tax minimization, and the efficient transfer of your estate in a manner consistent with your mission, vision, values and goals.


Risk Management

We assess the potential impact of various risks and events in your life on the capital of your family, with measures to mitigate any potential risks integrating asset protection, and insurance with trust and estate planning.


Strategic Philanthropy

We help you make a difference in your community and the world at-large, using best practices that can foster a common set of values across generations.


Family Administration

We focus on the paperwork and related tasks that necessarily arise, such as the preparation of tax returns, bookkeeping, paying bills, and maintaining critical documentation.